Hi! Iā€™m Sam, the lady behind the lens. I'm a self- proclaimed high functioning introvert. When I'm not at home or working, I love being outdoors; the beach, on a boat, anywhere the air is fresh and the leaves are green.

Iā€™m a huge music fan, my iTunes playlists are an eclectic mix of  Chopin, Pink Floyd, Machel, Fleetwood Mac and any classic Disney movie soundtracks (just to name a few). Iā€™m definitely gonna be dancing at your wedding with you and your crew!

I've always been a dreamer with a vivid imagination. My thought processes are complex and sometimes chaotic, but once I'm behind the camera, time slows down and it's like breathing that fresh air I crave.

I describe myself as a minimalist photographer, Iā€™m not fussed about the over the top poses or artificial moments.

I want you to always remember the story behind the photo, the feelings you felt in that moment, the smells and sounds and everything in between.  

I strive to create authentic, raw imagery that express the intimacy felt between loved ones.

If your views on life and love are similar to mine,  let's connect and create these memories together!