Hey! That’s me up there- I’m the lady behind the lens, popular to contrary beliefs, I am not a man…. I’m a self proclaimed highly functioning introvert- I prefer to be alone or with my cats + pup if possible. I love being outdoors, anywhere near the sea or where the leaves are green. Fresh air is my thing! I LOVE music and dancing- Fleetwood Mac, Chopin, any classical Disney movie soundtrack is usually playing at the top of my playlist.

I’ve always been a dreamer with a vivid imagination, my thought processes are complex and sometimes a bit chaotic, but once I’m in front of the camera all of that noise quiets. I describe myself as a minimalist photographer, I’m not fussed with posed or artificial moments. I want you to always remember the story behind the photo, the feelings you felt in that moment, the smells and sounds and everything in between.  

I strive to create authentic, raw imagery that express the intimacy felt between loved ones.

If your views on life and love are similar to mine,  let's connect and create these memories together!