Rheeda + Shezad

When I first met up with Rheeda and Shezad, I knew right away their energy was going to be great on their wedding day. They’re both naturally quite shy, but when they’re together they bring out a different side to one another. I was so happy to shoot a wedding at the beautiful Ohana Villa in Tobago, the surroundings of the villa stood alone but were enhanced by the decor by the extremely talented Jennifer Goberdhan. The couple stayed true to their modern roots and added a mix with their traditional religious ceremony.

Krista + Drue

Krista and Drue had so many personal touches that made their wedding day special and their own. The girls started off the day with a little yoga and meditation session right before they dressed to get the nerves down.

Their love of Star Wars and all things comic book played a huge role in the day- Krista even surprised Drue with a Lightsaber entrance to the Star Wars theme song! Their bridal party was so fun, warm and welcoming that the day flew by and felt like I was partying with my friends.

Thank you so much Krista and Drue for sharing this amazing day with me!!

Julia + Jack

Traveling for destination weddings is always so much fun. I arrived the day before the wedding, collected my rental- made a wrong turn and actually landed up at the Villa where the bride and her family was staying as her mom was delivering some wedding stuff. Talk about timing! I immediately was welcomed with open arms by Julia and her family. We caught up on the run down of the day and off we went. The next morning I arrived back at the villa to start the day- Julia, the stunning model and bride and her girls (who literally are all ALSO stunning models) were getting ready while decorators and staff buzzed around below. The day flew and soon enough we were down at the beach, ready for Julia and Jack to say their vows, their beautiful hand written vows to one another. The ceremony ended with a Jewish tradition- breaking the glass as the guests- cheered Mazel Tov!

The rest of the day and night went off without a hitch- from the beautiful heart felt speeches and amazing live band. The day truly was so special- even more special, sharing Julia and Jack’s love which was felt by all who were in their presence!

Kristin + Josh

Kristin and Josh's wedding day was one of the most beautiful days I've ever photographed. I've never experienced such overwhelming fog in my life. While absolutely mesmerizing in theory, in reality, we all had hair the size of a Texan beauty queen. Kristin was such a champion, taking it all in stride, with every down pour that came she wasn't even phased- the only thing that she was concerned her was when her beloved fur baby Riot would arrive to walk up the aisle with Josh.

The rain stopped, the fog subsided and they were blessed in a beautiful, intimate ceremony. The party got started almost immediately with her long time friends' dance to Super Trooper by ABBA *one of my favourites! It was such a special night, amazing music, gorgeous location and the happiest married couple! 

“Love is not breathlessness; It is not excitement; It is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being “in love”, which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.”

― Louis de BernièresCorelli's Mandolin

Vanita + Darren

Vanita and Darren began their new lives together by celebrating in a two part wedding weekend. The first, a very special and emotional Hindu ceremony at the stunning Hanuman Temple in Trinidad. I always love when couples give the traditional ceremonies a modern twist. Their second celebration was a seaside ceremony and reception in Tobago the following weekend. Both events were equally as special and touching to the couple and their families. Vanita and Darren had so many loved ones fly in from all over the country to celebrate their love, it truly was such an honour to get to know them both and spend time with them as they embark on this new chapter in life! Congrats again you two!  

Rachelle + Graeme

Some things always happen for a reason, so when Rachelle got in touch with me just a few months before her wedding to capture her day, it had to have been fate. Rachelle had a very clear sense of what she wanted for her wedding day. Having already been married in Vancouver, this Trinidad wedding was really meant to be a special gathering of closest friends and family. After doing long distance for the majority of their relationship, Rachelle + Graeme finally are together and sharing the same zip code. There were so many amazing touches to this day that made every detail a photographer's dream!  Scroll all the way down for the amazing talented and mostly local folks who added to this day!

Bride's Dress: Tobye + Shoma

Veil: Made by Van der Vlugt - dyed by Lisa's Fabrics

MUA: Narvely Labastide

Hair: Emily Quesnel @ Cahoots

Earrings: Koral Beach Boutique

Bouquet: Flower Bar @ Drew Manor

Venue: Waterville Estate

Planner: Simply Organized Weddings

Decorator: Robert Paul Solomon





Krysta + Bryant

Some love stories I will remember forever. I'll never forget when I first met with Krysta and Bryant and knew that moment that their love was true and everlasting. The excitement they both have for each other, you see it in their eyes immediately. When Krysta walked into the church on their wedding day, Bryant's face lit up like a thousand fireflies. The song happiest man alive instantly started playing in my head and I'm sure in his as well! These two did not stop smiling all day long and their chemistry is so enigmatic that I didn't stop either! 


Tash + Tom

Arriving in Tobago for an intimate wedding is always a treasure for me. No need for a second shooter, just me and my rental car driving down the bustling roads in our beautiful sister island. Often times I don't get to meet with couples who come from abroad to marry here so it's always exciting to finally see them and get to know them better throughout the day. Natasha and Tom's day was so special to me, so many intimate moments shared all on the most beautiful, brilliantly hot day on Pigeon Point. The day after I flew back to Trinidad I received the most loving message from Natasha thanking me for being there and feeling like part of the family. These days are the days that make me smile the most!

Victoria + Luke

It really is amazing when a group of friends all gets married within the space of a few years and you get to capture all of their weddings. Every time I've shot one of their weddings it becomes more and more fun, seeing them go through these milestones together with their husbands and families. Victoria and Luke's wedding was so special, filled with many emotional moments that always make me tear up behind the camera. There were so many smiles and happy tears. Congrats again guys and can't wait to share more milestones in the future :) !

At Home with the Lazzari Fam

It's always a great time when I get to photograph the Lazzari family. From Kerri & Luke's wedding (part 1 + my first wedding EVER!), to Kerr's maternity session while she was pregnant with Scott. It always feels like an afternoon of fun with friends, almost always followed by a big glass of red wine ;). Love seeing their family grow and capturing the authenticity that is family life with twins, and a toddler !