Melanie + Kareem

Melanie and Kareem chose to respect both of their cultural and religious backgrounds by fusing their Harisha and Catholic ceremonies together. Melanie’s own grandpa performed part of the Catholic ceremony, making it even more special. Their wedding was on the Sunday before Carnival. Getting ready at the Hilton, the sounds of soca echoed from the Savannah creating a buzz in the air. The buzz continued after their ceremony as they feted the night away with their FAMALALAY!

Jordanna + Ruairidh

These two doctors found love among the chaos of their busy student lives. Jordanna, a born and raised Trini girl, was studying abroad when she met Ruairidh, a Scottsman through and through. Their love blossomed when she realized what a gentleman and kind soul he was, even in the most hilarious circumstances such as getting kicked out of bars for being too intoxicated. Deciding to get married in Trinidad was a given for Jordanna as it was an amazing experience to merge the two cultures and families together- and hey, a much needed break for all of their doctor friends too!

Looking around at the reception I realized, we’re not that different, us Trinis and the Scotts- Loads of whiskey and dancing took place at their reception at the beautiful North Deck. All topped off with a surprise performance by one of their favourite local performers, Olatunji! What an amazing way to celebrate love.

Mikaela + Chad's Engagement

You would have never guessed this was on the dreariest afternoon I’ve seen in ages! Mikaela and Chad flew in for a friend’s wedding this weekend and squeezed in an hour for some engagement photos. Almost their entire 8 year relationship has been long distance so this was really special for them! We had so much fun connecting over mutual friends , reminiscing on our Carnival (half way through a party Mikaela and I realized I am her sister’s wedding photographer 😂). So happy we got to capture these moments together!

Nikita + Nicholas

The anticipation was building while she was getting ready. Family bustling around downstairs, little ones running in and out, all building up to the moment they’d see each other. I love when couples choose to do first looks, Nicholas was so emotional when he saw Nikita for the first time, it truly was a special moment for everyone. When Nikita told me that Lady in Red was Nicholas’ favourite song for them, I laughed at the irony. Every summer in Tobago as kids, a performer would come to the hotel and sing. One night he chose Lady in Red, and went around the crowd singing, coincidentally Nikita was wearing red that night.

When he finally turned around as she was walking down the stairs, he couldn’t help but choke up seeing his beautiful bride. The rest of the day was so perfect, the decor, the light, everything was a photographer’s dream. But most of all, their connection and love for each other showed throughout the whole entire day. So many special moments and memories were created on March 23rd 2019.

Soraya + Brent

Soraya and Brent’s romance started as many do, they were great friends in their teens. They spent hours talking on the phone, studying for school and going to rock shows. Their friends all knew it was in the cards, but it took the two of them a little longer to figure out. Soraya eventually took Brent out of the friend zone and the rest was history.

They have the sweetest little love, after their first look they exchanged their own vows, promising each other a lifetime of love and laughter. There were so many personal touches added to their reception- their love for animals and particularly- dogs shone through with the table settings, and their eclectic mix of traditional and new age beliefs were presented in their modern Islam wedding ceremony. They surprised their guests with a duet of one of my favourite songs, Paramore- Only Exception (insert heart eyes here!). Their day was a truly special one and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it!

Phoebe + Justin's Engagement

Their love has stood the test of time. Seperated by oceans at times, they always returned to each other. We met up at the beautiful Waterville Estate on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I sat in my car adding songs to the “Engagement Playlist” when the clouds finally parted and the sun shone through, blazing for the rest of the afternoon. Phoebe and Justin were such an easy couple, their connection over the past 10 years surely shows through their ease and affection for one another. I was so happy to capture these moments between them.

Nalini + Lexi

Nalini was just 16 when Lexi came into her live. They met at University, both exploring their freedom and having fun with the “college life”, their love story is totally realistic and one that I keep hearing over and over. There was no initial wow moment, no flying sparks, Nalini actually thought Lexi was teasing her and being mean the first time they hung out… But somehow time passed and they grew more and more fond of each other. They married a few years later in the South of France while they were both still law students (super impressive!).

Nalini’s Trini family brought them on an island adventure which I was so happy to tag along for. These sweet, funny and smart ladies picked me up and the airport in Tobago and we shared so much laughter and fun over lunch before we headed up to their villa in Castara. We spent the afternoon running in and out of the sea, dodging huge Tobago Buses aptly named “bus de la mort”. We ended the day with a stunning sunset at Pigeon Point fully submerged in the warm Caribbean Sea.

Lise + Gabriel's Maternity

Lise and Gabriel’s paths first crossed many years back. They met on a boat cruise in Barbados- young, wild and free was the song of the summer. Gabriel begged Lise to come back to Barbados to get to know her better, you could say he was smitten from the start.

She went back to Trinidad and their lives went on as before. Years later, still young, wild and free- a now infamous video of Lise dancing and singing to Buju Banton in a club surfaced and Gabriel reached out to her faster than you can say go. The video was quickly taken down, but the carefree vision of Lise was etched in Gabriel’s mind.

They kept in touch and eventually met up in Barbados- back to where it all began while she was there for family vacation- the rest as they say, is history. Their adventure together only got more exciting when they found out they were expecting. It’s been an absolute joy watching my best friend turn on full mommy mode. I can’t wait to share so many more memories with this beautiful child and her amazing parents!

Daisy's Tobago x Jaye Applewhaite

Back in October I had the pleasure of flying over to Tobago for a day to capture these STUNNING looks- it was a special collaboration with Sandy Sardinha and her team at Daisy’s Tobago and Jaye Applewhaite- bridal designer from Barbados. It was such a fun day, creative, fashion forward and insanely HOT! But that didn’t stop the models from serving some serious looks. The fabulous efforts of all the vendors created something truly special.

**This session has been featured over on The Coordinated Bride- **

Vendors: Creative Director: Sandy Sardinha Daisy’s Weddings  Photography:  Sam Jackson Photography  @samjacksonphotography |  Gown| Jumpsuit: Jaye Applewaite  @JayApplewaite|| Florals: Daisy’s Weddings: Daisy’s Weddings @daisysweddingstobago   || Make -up Artist:  Jodi Balfour @jodibalfour ||  Hair:  Mariposa @portuguesemariposa  || Cake: Cake walk Tobago @cakewalktobago  || Stationery:   Red Carpet Invitations @redcarpetinvitationstt ||   Model:  Khadija @queening_khadija  ||   Venue: Ohana Villa ||  Video:  New Lens Video Productions

 Photography:  Sam Jackson Photography  @samjacksonphotography |  Gown| Jumpsuit: Jaye Applewaite  @JayApplewaite|| Florals: Daisy’s Weddings: Daisy’s Weddings @daisysweddingstobago   || Make -up Artist:  Jodi Balfour @jodibalfour ||  Hair:  Mariposa @portuguesemariposa  || Cake: Cake walk Tobago @cakewalktobago  || Stationery:   Red Carpet Invitations @redcarpetinvitationstt ||   Model:  Khadija @queening_khadija  ||   Venue: Ohana Villa ||  Video:  New Lens Video Productions

Cashell + Joe's Engagement

Cashell and Joe’s story is not your typical one, he was the big brothers’ best friend- she was the sweet little sister. They both had their own lives, somehow always intertwined- family, friends, similar interests… it was only a matter of time. Years passed, special loved ones were lost, bringing them together in a most intimate way.

As time passed that bond that they shared as friends, became an unending love. They expanded their little family with the sweetest angel pup and my chuffy bestie, Bree- so naturally the next step was to seal the deal! This session was extra special, surrounded by nature and two people truly in love!

Kristina + Phillip's Engagement

Kristina and Phillip first met a few years ago through their work. Phillip was immediately struck by Kristina’s exotic beauty, they kept it professional for a few more years until their shared love for their culture and similar values brought them together.

Their love quickly blossomed and they both realized this was something special. Flash forward a year, Kristina and Phillip got engaged, in the same spot that was made special from the beginning of their relationship.

Raquel + Michael

Raquel and Michael’s story began long before they knew it. As kids they grew up going on sailing trips together, as teens their paths crossed but never merged. Michael always had his heart set on that crazy little girl who held on for dear life as the sailing boat went through huge waves. Life brought them back together a few years ago and that was it.

Things moved quickly- Raquel moved to Canada, they got married, a few months later had their sweet baby. Just like those crazy waves in the ocean, they have held on to their love and will do so for eternity .

Their wedding day in Trinidad was centered around family, with a simple day of portraits and partying! Congrats again you two, I’m so happy to have you guys back in Trinidad!

Adri + Isla

A few months ago my beautiful friend Adri gave birth to an equally beautiful baby, Isla. From the moment I saw her first photo, I knew Isla had been here before, she looked so wise and alert, it amazed me. The first time we met, she was sleeping and opened her eyes, when she saw me she gave the most hilarious cut eye I’ve seen from a baby. That moment, I knew we’d be great friends. I can’t wait to see Isla blossom into an even more beautiful little girl, but for now let’s enjoy her sweetness.

Jordan + Ishta

I’m so, so late with blogging this shoot and it’s actually one of my favourites!! Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have participated in a historical moment in Trinidad’s civil rights culture. I was part of a group of about a hundred advocates picketed outside of Parliament for the law against buggery to be repealed. I’ve always been a huge LGBTQ+ rights advocate but never could find a way to express it, other than telling any gay person I come across how much I love them and strike up a conversation in hopes for them to become my new best friend.

Luckily, the bill was repealed and this was a huge win for the LGBTQ+ community on our small, little island. I found myself wanting to promote this monumental achievement- so I offered up a same sex shoot to any couple who wanted to let me 3rd wheel. Unfortunately, on our small, little island there is still a pretty big stigma about a Queer couple showing PDA.

However these two beauties were bold and brave enough to answer my desperate plea. I met up with Jordan and Ishta at my favourite dive, Drink! Wine Bar. Needless to say, we all needed a few drinks to loosen up- but once we did, we chatted about global issues, school, girls, boys, clothes and everything else under the sun. I felt like I was just catching drinks with two great friends, except for the fact that every other minute they were kissing! These two have such a great love, young and fresh and super exciting to witness!

So if you see this post, and you’ve thought about doing photos with your lover- but felt like you couldn’t…. YOU CAN! and you should!

Tara + Stephen

Tara and Stephen’s wedding week was one that was extra special to me, I flew into Barbados to begin their celebrations on my 27th birthday. Straight off the plane, we celebrated on a catamaran for their last party as “singles”. I’m not one to make a big deal out of my birthday and as I get older certainly not, but Tara, in true Tara fashion- made the cruise about me. Told everyone it was my bday, made a highly embarrassing but much appreciated birthday speech over the speakers.

On Friday we headed up to Ebworth Plantation, their beautiful island home for the rehearsal of the ceremony. Sun-shining skies and drinks flowing, the day couldn’t get any better- except it did. Topped it off with my favourite food for dinner- PIZZA at the cutest little restaurant, Orange Street Grocer.

Tara and Stephen’s story actually began many years ago when dated in their teens into their twenties. They parted ways, but always kept their eyes and thoughts on each other. Flash forward a few years later, they were both single and popped into each other’s minds yet again. I think they both knew this time it would be different. Tara challenged Stephen to prove his intentions, and he did- jumped on a plane to Trinidad and the rest is history!

The two had a daughter, Sophie soon after and decided that their little family would only be complete if they sealed the deal. I had anticipated that the wedding would be super emotional, being that they’re both friends of mine and we’ve shared some amazing times together. Boy, oh boy, I was right! Everything about the day was perfect, even when the clouds opened up and poured down on them as the ceremony began. The continued on and off all night, but this never stopped guests danced the night away with their umbrellas. Everyone had the most amazing time feting in the rain. I couldn’t have imagined a more spectacular way to start a marriage.