la vega afternoons

I'm someone who can't sit still for very long... I don't have A.D.D. but more a feeling of wasting time and wasting a day. i try to get out as often as possible, I spend most of my mornings catching up on the zzz's as I edit throughout the night, sometimes til after 2-3am... It's verrrry necessary for me as a photographer and a human being that I take breaks when I need it.

Sometimes I get passing comments like "Don't you ever work?, why aren't you at home?"... I used to be self- conscious of this and feel like I had to be home all day to appear like i was productive! but the truth is, I chose this profession for many reasons, one of them being, I can get up and be portable and work from wherever i choose.

I know when I need breaks now and I am not afraid of what people comment or say to me. I am just as productive, actually more so when I get a good day of relaxation, (mind you, my phone is buzzing and I still answer all emails and whats apps!).. anddddd it's also a great plus when i get to spend my relaxation days in gorgeous locations such as the one below! Check out these beautiful images from my day trip to la vega estate in couva!

hope you enjoy xx

Sam Jackson

Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer. 

Based in Trinidad & Tobago