first look, yes or no?

The first look on a wedding do or not to do?! That is the question!

I personally am a HUGE fan of the first look. Those moments of anticipation right before you see each other, the nervous look on the grooms' face, wondering what his beautiful bride is wearing, how she looks... all in PRIVATE!

 I know there a lot of brides and grooms who are still quite traditional when it comes to seeing each other before the ceremony, but here's a few tips to persuade you. 

You get to see your fiancé before the ceremony.... what's better than this?! All the nerves that you may be having, will (hopefully) subside once you see your sweetie, you won't be walking down or looking down the aisle with your heart beating out of your chest (too much).

Photos before the ceremony are always a huge plus to me... You get more time after the ceremony to have relaxed, not too stiff portraits (Trust me, it shows up in images).

Your wedding day goes by so fast... so savor all the moments together that you can possibly have!

Sam Jackson

Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer. 

Based in Trinidad & Tobago