Soraya + Brent

Soraya and Brent’s romance started as many do, they were great friends in their teens. They spent hours talking on the phone, studying for school and going to rock shows. Their friends all knew it was in the cards, but it took the two of them a little longer to figure out. Soraya eventually took Brent out of the friend zone and the rest was history.

They have the sweetest little love, after their first look they exchanged their own vows, promising each other a lifetime of love and laughter. There were so many personal touches added to their reception- their love for animals and particularly- dogs shone through with the table settings, and their eclectic mix of traditional and new age beliefs were presented in their modern Islam wedding ceremony. They surprised their guests with a duet of one of my favourite songs, Paramore- Only Exception (insert heart eyes here!). Their day was a truly special one and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it!

Sam Jackson

Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer. 

Based in Trinidad & Tobago