Nalini + Lexi

Nalini was just 16 when Lexi came into her live. They met at University, both exploring their freedom and having fun with the “college life”, their love story is totally realistic and one that I keep hearing over and over. There was no initial wow moment, no flying sparks, Nalini actually thought Lexi was teasing her and being mean the first time they hung out… But somehow time passed and they grew more and more fond of each other. They married a few years later in the South of France while they were both still law students (super impressive!).

Nalini’s Trini family brought them on an island adventure which I was so happy to tag along for. These sweet, funny and smart ladies picked me up and the airport in Tobago and we shared so much laughter and fun over lunch before we headed up to their villa in Castara. We spent the afternoon running in and out of the sea, dodging huge Tobago Buses aptly named “bus de la mort”. We ended the day with a stunning sunset at Pigeon Point fully submerged in the warm Caribbean Sea.

Sam Jackson

Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer. 

Based in Trinidad & Tobago