Danielle + Mikey

Their love story began like any other Trini romance, a summer night in 51 degrees. The sparks were there from the start. The next 8 years would be a test to them both, long distance, long commutes, phone conversations about the future, a few years ago their dreams finally came true and they were living in the same country! They’ll tell you yourself, it wasn’t an easy or pretty road getting to where they are now, they literally grew up together while being separated. Their love was always a priority, something that they didn’t take lightly and put a lot of work and effort into. While we were attending college and university, so many nights and days were asked “When next are you gonna see Mikey? Are you coming for summer?”. The burning question..

Their efforts to get here today were evident on their wedding day. Danielle and Mikey did not stop beaming all day and night. I was so happy to share this day with them. They started their marriage with a joint ceremony of both of their religions, a Jewish / Catholic ceremony performed at the beautiful Waterville Estate in Santa Cruz.

This made the day even more special, seeing everyone come together for Danielle and Mikey, no matter their differences. Their party kicked off with so many wonderful surprises, including a flash mob led by Danielle’s mom and Canadian family + friends, Erphaan Alves performing some of his best soca hits, a non traditional Horah dance to “Pick up something”. It really was an AHMAZING day!

Sam Jackson

Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer. 

Based in Trinidad & Tobago