"All inclusive fete"- LaToya + Arthur wed

When I met LaToya and Arthur for their engagement shoot last year, we instantly bonded over our love of dancing, feteing, singing and food! Needless to say, their wedding day DID NOT disappoint. They were married in the most beautiful church in Port of Spain that has been recently restored and was so magical I was brought to tears. Of course, October didn't hold back it's usual showers, so after the ceremony we hiked up some serious stairs to the top level of the church and had an amazing 15 minutes of portraits with the couple.

Thankfully the rain held up for the rest of the day and we made the most of the remaining light at Drew Manor. Everything about the night was magical, their choreographed first dance, Arthur's mini concert with his best woman Michelle and full band.. the FOOOOOODD, (they had the amazing G Spot Food Truck cater the whole wedding!) I couldn't have asked for a funner way to spend my Saturday with clients who felt like friends all night.