Jordan + Ishta

I’m so, so late with blogging this shoot and it’s actually one of my favourites!! Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have participated in a historical moment in Trinidad’s civil rights culture. I was part of a group of about a hundred advocates picketed outside of Parliament for the law against buggery to be repealed. I’ve always been a huge LGBTQ+ rights advocate but never could find a way to express it, other than telling any gay person I come across how much I love them and strike up a conversation in hopes for them to become my new best friend.

Luckily, the bill was repealed and this was a huge win for the LGBTQ+ community on our small, little island. I found myself wanting to promote this monumental achievement- so I offered up a same sex shoot to any couple who wanted to let me 3rd wheel. Unfortunately, on our small, little island there is still a pretty big stigma about a Queer couple showing PDA.

However these two beauties were bold and brave enough to answer my desperate plea. I met up with Jordan and Ishta at my favourite dive, Drink! Wine Bar. Needless to say, we all needed a few drinks to loosen up- but once we did, we chatted about global issues, school, girls, boys, clothes and everything else under the sun. I felt like I was just catching drinks with two great friends, except for the fact that every other minute they were kissing! These two have such a great love, young and fresh and super exciting to witness!

So if you see this post, and you’ve thought about doing photos with your lover- but felt like you couldn’t…. YOU CAN! and you should!

Tara + Stephen

Tara and Stephen’s wedding week was one that was extra special to me, I flew into Barbados to begin their celebrations on my 27th birthday. Straight off the plane, we celebrated on a catamaran for their last party as “singles”. I’m not one to make a big deal out of my birthday and as I get older certainly not, but Tara, in true Tara fashion- made the cruise about me. Told everyone it was my bday, made a highly embarrassing but much appreciated birthday speech over the speakers.

On Friday we headed up to Ebworth Plantation, their beautiful island home for the rehearsal of the ceremony. Sun-shining skies and drinks flowing, the day couldn’t get any better- except it did. Topped it off with my favourite food for dinner- PIZZA at the cutest little restaurant, Orange Street Grocer.

Tara and Stephen’s story actually began many years ago when dated in their teens into their twenties. They parted ways, but always kept their eyes and thoughts on each other. Flash forward a few years later, they were both single and popped into each other’s minds yet again. I think they both knew this time it would be different. Tara challenged Stephen to prove his intentions, and he did- jumped on a plane to Trinidad and the rest is history!

The two had a daughter, Sophie soon after and decided that their little family would only be complete if they sealed the deal. I had anticipated that the wedding would be super emotional, being that they’re both friends of mine and we’ve shared some amazing times together. Boy, oh boy, I was right! Everything about the day was perfect, even when the clouds opened up and poured down on them as the ceremony began. The continued on and off all night, but this never stopped guests danced the night away with their umbrellas. Everyone had the most amazing time feting in the rain. I couldn’t have imagined a more spectacular way to start a marriage.

Events + Decor by Giselle

Hair: Victor Oliver Salon + Dejavu Salon

MUA: Amanda Cummins + Gordon Espinet

Videography- Cielo Productions

Second Shooter: Diana Digital Studio

Florals by Flowershop and Galerie

Country House Caterers

Arveyann + Cleavon Wed

Arveyann and Cleavon’s wedding day took place in a historical weekend for Trinidad & Tobago. We experienced some of the worst flooding ever. There were many hiccups in the day, including Arvey’s wedding gown being stuck in South Trinidad, luckily and by the graces of an amazing wedding planner, Nikki Roach- a dress was borrowed, until…. by the grace of an amazing designer, Darcel Van she received her dress after the ceremony. Many of Cleavon’s family weren’t able to attend the wedding. That being said- none of these hurdles phased them. They were there, they were sealing the deal and that’s all that mattered.

These two demonstrated so much patience and empathy on their wedding day. While we were awaiting to hear about her wedding dress, Arveyann simply looked at me and said, there are people out there who are so much worse off right now- that type of attitude in the face of adversity is so commendable. Many brides would have had an immediate meltdown and thought their day was ruined. Not this one!

Huge thanks to all vendors, friends and family who pulled this day together and made it extremely special and minimally stressful for this sweet couple who deserve nothing more!

Amanda + Jason Wed

Life and its twists and turns..

Tragedy. Joy

Heartbreak. Love

Tears. Laughter

Death. Life

Every part of this life we live is such a juxtaposition. We’ll never know what’s in store for us and can take years to figure out but once we do, it’s comforting to know there’s always LOVE. Always, always, Love.

Amanda and Jason couldn’t be more deserving of this eternal love for one another.

Hilary + Karl Wed

These two didn’t stop laughing all day. Together with their friends and family, Hilary and Karl sealed the deal and danced the night away under the stars. Karl’s dad jokes had everyone in stitches during the speeches and his sweet, touching words about Hilary had me in tears hiding behind the camera (what’s new). Their portraits were extra special when we took a detour to Karl’s old high school, QRC- where many of his teenage years were spent dreaming of day he’d find an amazing girl to spend his life with. On the 29th of September, Karl’s dream came true!

Rheeda + Shezad Wed

When I first met up with Rheeda and Shezad, I knew right away their energy was going to be great on their wedding day. They’re both naturally quite shy, but when they’re together they bring out a different side to one another. I was so happy to shoot a wedding at the beautiful Ohana Villa in Tobago, the surroundings of the villa stood alone but were enhanced by the decor by the extremely talented Jennifer Goberdhan. The couple stayed true to their modern roots and added a mix with their traditional religious ceremony.

Elizabeth + Strasser Wed

Elizabeth and Strasser’s wedding day was just like any other, except not at all.

These two share such a quiet, sweet, love. Not all couples are the same, and sometimes this is so refreshing to see. Alot of the times, my couples are out going, bursting at the seams throughout the day, but these two were in their own special world.

Enamoured with one another, forever and ever.

Krista + Drue

Krista and Drue had so many personal touches that made their wedding day special and their own. The girls started off the day with a little yoga and meditation session right before they dressed to get the nerves down.

Their love of Star Wars and all things comic book played a huge role in the day- Krista even surprised Drue with a Lightsaber entrance to the Star Wars theme song! Their bridal party was so fun, warm and welcoming that the day flew by and felt like I was partying with my friends.

Thank you so much Krista and Drue for sharing this amazing day with me!!

Julia + Jack

Traveling for destination weddings is always so much fun. I arrived the day before the wedding, collected my rental- made a wrong turn and actually landed up at the Villa where the bride and her family was staying as her mom was delivering some wedding stuff. Talk about timing! I immediately was welcomed with open arms by Julia and her family. We caught up on the run down of the day and off we went. The next morning I arrived back at the villa to start the day- Julia, the stunning model and bride and her girls (who literally are all ALSO stunning models) were getting ready while decorators and staff buzzed around below. The day flew and soon enough we were down at the beach, ready for Julia and Jack to say their vows, their beautiful hand written vows to one another. The ceremony ended with a Jewish tradition- breaking the glass as the guests- cheered Mazel Tov!

The rest of the day and night went off without a hitch- from the beautiful heart felt speeches and amazing live band. The day truly was so special- even more special, sharing Julia and Jack’s love which was felt by all who were in their presence!