Marie Elena + Alvaro

Marie + Alvaro’s wedding day was electric. Their chemistry, their culture, everything about the day was just insanely good. Their Venezuelan heritage played a huge role in their wedding, their vows were said in both Spanish and English, absolutely beautiful and special to hear them promise forever in two tongues. The rain didn’t stop us from running around downtown Port of Spain, passers by greeting us along the way. These two were so much fun, it felt like I was at a party with my friends- no stress, no worries, Marie’s facial expressions had me in stitches all day long. Their wedding reception was so fun with the addition of La Hora Loca, “ the crazy hour “, a piñata filled of masks, feather boas, funky glasses, Moko Jumbies throwing confetti- seriously, could it get any cooler?!

Candice + Nicholas

No wedding is without it’s hiccups, so when my flight to Tobago was delayed, and delayed and delayed- panic set in. Candice + Nicholas were so patient, concerned but chill and focused on getting married to each other. Luckily I made it in the nick of time to witness their beautiful beach side ceremony, Candice radiated happiness in her gorgeous princess gown, a departure from the usual Tobago flowy gown. Their wedding was intimate and fun, hilarious speeches and amazing music to top off the sweet night.

Sasha Ann + Victor

Sasha Ann + Victor are literally one of the sweetest, funnest couples I’ve ever had the amazing pleasure of spending time with and capturing their wedding day. I’ve worked with Sasha in a professional capacity, (she’s an amazing wedding planner over at Audaz Eventz), so naturally when we met up to discuss their wedding she had her mind set on very specific ideas. While I pride myself on being a friend on the wedding day, I truly felt like it was 100% reciprocated on this day. Sasha was a friend through and through, checking on myself and my second shooter at any given moment- making sure we were having fun and were ok. She was the perfect hype woman for us and of course Victor.

These two were so excited to be married, even in the blazing sunshine they sat patient and smiled throughout the whole day. Some surprises topped off the night, with Victor’s daughter serenading her dad and new step-mum with a beautiful rendition of “Shallow”- cue the tears. I can’t wait to share more memories with this beautiful new family!

Livi + Andrew

Livi + Andrew eloped in the true sense of the word last year, their only guests- themselves and their officiant. It was an absolutely beautiful, private moment. When they got engaged there were so many questions about the wedding, seeing as Andrew is a huge public figure in Trinidad. They both knew they wanted to do something private and intimate and surprise everyone! A year later, they renewed their vows in front of God and their immediate family members. This day will never take away from their elopement but adds a special intimacy that includes their family in their union.

Andrew and Livi picked me up on their boat at 2pm, cue the harsh light- we drove around for an hour, exploring different spots of Down the Islands- chasing dolphins and getting soaked. All before heading to the beautiful little church on the hill on Gasparee Island. The ceremony was short, but beautiful with family members adding into the readings and Livi’s music teacher, Philip Cartar of the Cartars, serenading them with some love songs. I was so honoured and overjoyed to have been able to capture this day for my two special friends.

Danielle + Mikey

Their love story began like any other Trini romance, a summer night in 51 degrees. The sparks were there from the start. The next 8 years would be a test to them both, long distance, long commutes, phone conversations about the future, a few years ago their dreams finally came true and they were living in the same country! They’ll tell you yourself, it wasn’t an easy or pretty road getting to where they are now, they literally grew up together while being separated. Their love was always a priority, something that they didn’t take lightly and put a lot of work and effort into. While we were attending college and university, so many nights and days were asked “When next are you gonna see Mikey? Are you coming for summer?”. The burning question..

Their efforts to get here today were evident on their wedding day. Danielle and Mikey did not stop beaming all day and night. I was so happy to share this day with them. They started their marriage with a joint ceremony of both of their religions, a Jewish / Catholic ceremony performed at the beautiful Waterville Estate in Santa Cruz.

This made the day even more special, seeing everyone come together for Danielle and Mikey, no matter their differences. Their party kicked off with so many wonderful surprises, including a flash mob led by Danielle’s mom and Canadian family + friends, Erphaan Alves performing some of his best soca hits, a non traditional Horah dance to “Pick up something”. It really was an AHMAZING day!

Robyn + Jake's Engagement

Robs and Jake.. where do I begin. From the beginning I guess, these two were best friends for as long as I can remember. Over the years, their friendship became something else, a comforting love that they knew was going to be forever. I think they always knew they’d end up together, but the timing had to be right.

We set off on our 2 hour drive to Balandra, the laughter was infectious from the moment the doors closed. These two are literally the funniest people you will ever be with. My cheeks were hurting by the time we reached. Shooting with friends is always nerve wracking and anxiety filled at first but once we started after a little speed bump… (cough cough let’s just say someone had a reaction to photo taking ;), it was the funnest day ever. Editing these photos was a breeze, I mean … look at these gorgeous people! I can’t wait to be a GUEST! (woot woot), at their wedding in October and officially welcome Robs into the extended family! Love you guys!

Shannon + Johann

Shannon and Johann grew up just a few streets down the road from one another. Surely at some point they crossed paths, riding bikes, at events in the park… little did they know that Johann would end up marrying the “girl next door”. And that’s exactly what Shannon is, she is the sweetest, most caring, loving friend, daughter and now wife. These two share a respectful, God centered love and it shows in every interaction with one another. I’m so happy for these two and their lives that they’re embarking on.

Lorraine + Orlando

Sometimes love is worth the wait. These two were together for over 10 years before they finally decided to tie the knot and seal the deal. There’s something to be said about patience, if you wait long enough, you see this person through every stage in life.

Lorraine and Orlando did just that and I truly believe it will be a huge benefit to their marriage and their lives together. They’re so at ease with one another, despite the wedding day nerves they both faced, their day was absolutely perfect. Celebrating with close friends and Lorraine’s children and grandchildren. It truly was a special day to experience!

Nikita + Rejhi

Nikita + Rejhi celebrated their love with a beautiful unplugged beach ceremony on Pigeon Point. Before their ceremony, they chose to do a “First Prayer”, instead of the first look. Rejhi lead them in a joint prayer as tears streamed down Nikita’s face. Their love for one another and their maker was the center of the day.

After they exchanged vows, they worshiped and prayed for one another. They took their first steps as husband and wife as Eco Friendly Confetti shot to the sky. Their many foreign guests were treated to a true Tobago experience, with coconuts on the beach, limbo dancers along with local cuisine for dinner. What a beautiful day to begin their forever!

Brit + Christian's Maternity

I was visiting Barbados in March, when I found out that Brittany was pregnant. We had never met but became Instagram friends and was totally intrigued by her unique beauty and amazing style! Unfortunately she was still super tiny then so we couldn’t do her maternity pics, but luckily I returned in June and the bump grew a bit. She and her partner Christian picked me up and we made our way up to Farley Hill Nature Park to capture this extremely special time in their life. I felt so at ease with these two, Christian was a super trouper, walking around the bush with and without his crutches depsite having a knee injury. I’m totally in love with these photos and can’t wait to see their beautiful baby boy be born into their chill, easy going fam!

Melanie + Kareem

Melanie and Kareem chose to respect both of their cultural and religious backgrounds by fusing their Harisha and Catholic ceremonies together. Melanie’s own grandpa performed part of the Catholic ceremony, making it even more special. Their wedding was on the Sunday before Carnival. Getting ready at the Hilton, the sounds of soca echoed from the Savannah creating a buzz in the air. The buzz continued after their ceremony as they feted the night away with their FAMALALAY!